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A market place to buy & sell on your college campus, right from an IOS App

An OLX like market place specially designed for students to buy and sell their belongings from their Iphone

  • Upload product images from the app as many you like.
  • Boost & Super boost products advertisement to reach to the right buyer.
  • Chat with folks who are willing to buy or may be interested in selling items.
  • Locate items through maps and receive payment from them online


An App which gives access to play tournamesnts of games like PUBG, Daye Gone, Resident evil and give access to latest news and videos of gaming Industry giving chance to players to win exciting prizes with leaderboard.

  • earch for Tournaments for latest games
  • Review the latest games and give your ratings on their tounaments
  • Win exciting prizes as per the leader board
  • Create your wallet and start earning money
Google Play

Mobile App to make your morning breakfast arrive straight to your home

A mobile app which allows users to order and subscribed their grocery needs to straight to their homes by paying online. The app allows users to choose from variety of products and pay through its custom wallet to get extra benefits and discounts.

Its has a unique feature to get the groceries subscribed on either monthly or fortnightly basis. The subscription can anytime be modified by the user and user can even cancel the subscription for a day or more.

Google Play

Mobile app for booking cabs

An unique GEO-location based cab services app which allows the users to book a cab from a pick up point to destination by finding a nearest driver in their vicinity. The drivers also have an app by which they can register them selves and can be online & offline.

This App has unique wallet facility also which is just like a prepaid card system. It allows the customers to recharge an amount at a defined price.

Google Play


Moofer is the most efficient and cost saving way of moving house and furniture deliveries! Instead of taking another day off to wait for your furniture delivery, you can download our app and get home with your furniture straight away.

If your mover did not show up, download our app and we guarantee to send a Moofer to you to save the day! Here is why you should download and use Moofer App for your next move: Affordable pricing! We charge per minute after the first initial hour.

Google Play

24*7 customer support

Even after the app is installed, our mobile app development company provides 24*7 support and maintenance. We are always available to assist you whenever you require it. Simply contact us, and we will answer all of your questions. Furthermore, we provide periodic maintenance to ensure that your application runs smoothly and consistently.



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Mobile App Development Company - Android, iOS Applications Development

We create products that turn into brands

There is a lot of creativity that is involved in the mobile app development realm. We are on the top of it and we can guarantee it. No matter what is a requirement when it comes to mobile app development? We are here to help you in the fully fledged manner. Your needs are our priority and to deliver them in the best manners, our skilled professionals are here with us. The way in which we execute this process makes our Mobile App Development company an elevated one in Mobile App Development. Some of our ways of taking this process ahead are briefed.

We would like to first highlight the fact that tenacity is one of our qualities. We know that there is a cut-throat competition in this realm and it is only the best that people want today. So no matter what happens and how difficult it is to get the creative juices to flow, we do not stop putting our best foot forward and let the things happen.

As a Mobile App Development company, we take up the work very seriously and so the conviction that our clients have within us is phenomenal. With the top quality of work and excellent innovative skills, our work has always transcended the boundaries of our clients’ expectations.

It is of utmost importance to have a roadmap when you are in this realm. We do not take anything blindly at all. We always first plan a strategy and consider the best possible way when we design a Mobile App Development. For example, if we have to design an app that suits the school children, we have to keep the interface attractive and easy at the same time. We do that with finesse.

There are a lot of changes that are to be done even after the rough construction of the app gets over. For that, the developers have to be really agile. Lack of agility means you just cannot make the app easy to use and the best work of yours. Our Mobile App Development company has professionals whose agility is at the optimum level. This is why our work shines through.


Build a mobile app to engage users where they spend most of their time

The most important thing that Mobile App Development platform should do is the unwavering and best cross-platform process. This is because this is one of the most important things through which the users get to engage in the app. If it is the business app, then this skill has to be performed with a fool proof quality. Fortunately, we are on such service providers.

This is why customers prefer our Mobile App Development company. On top of it, we keep the demands of the clients at the top. When a client demands specific functions from the app, it is always to satisfy the users. After all, what will be the use of the app when the end user is not satisfied with the service? We put us all effort to make sure that the end user is satisfied with the app. For this, we do a lot of testing for the Mobile App Development. We have the staff that has specialized in the testing work. We leave no stone unturned to perform the app development job in the best manner.

Devising Mobility solution to automate business process for any Enterprises is the key to success in this era of modern age. We are providing state-of-the-art Mobility solution wherein we create advanced Mobile Apps, device compatibility solutions, modern system independent solutions for Enterprises.

A mobile solution has changed the way of doing businesses and enhances the connectivity with the customers to better serve them. Enterprises demanding scalable, high-end, user-friendly solutions these days. Synram Technolab using the cutting edge technology and best in class tools for application development, delivery, and assurance of ROI with respect to the business model.

We have a faster development time for Mobility solution for proven enterprises with proven solutions. Our certified consultants understand your needs and implement high-performance solution to deliver seamless experience in your business process.

Why your business needs Mobility solution:

Mobility is not an optional solution, its mandatory based on the respective business domain. Mobility helps to get connect anytime, anywhere whether it's for serving customers or used for enterprise internal communication. Every business has competitors and they keep transforming themselves with technology evolution. The trend of using mobile devices has been a revolutionary need now and in order to cater to your customer segment, enterprises have been advised to keep the mobile device handy to your workforce by the industry experts. Don’t lag behind your competitors, get our Mobile services.

How can we help you?

You need to suggest us your need and business process. Our certified experts can consult you with the right strategy implementation for your organization. Once the requirements roadmap is finalized and approved by you, our team starts development on the same.

Types of Mobile Applications we are developing these days:

  1. Hybrid Application
  2. Native Application

Hybrid solution refers to a development of rendering application through website on Mobile devices. It is being widely used, viable option and a cheapest route to go for any business which has simple operations to manage through app. On the other hand, Native applications are hard coded in XML, Java and its development starts from scratch. UI & functionality are built together. It's a bit expensive solution compare to Hybrid one. One of the advantages with Hybrid is to take the OS permission easily.

We Use Mobile Application Development Technologies

Android Studio



React Native



Our Mobile Application built for clients are live on our Google play store with the name "Synramtechnolab".